Singer Ewa Farna: I don't mind being awkward, I'm not in the operating room

7. 7. 2023
30 min

Singer Ewa Farna started her career very early and built it both in the Czech Republic and in Poland. In addition, she studied law and by the age of 25 she had already spent longer periods working than not. However, she never wanted to lose her family life, and it worked out wonderfully. At 30, she feels she can take stock. She says she feels happy and completely fulfilled on stage. She also confided in KVIFF.TV's Čestmir Strakaty what her vices are, that she is late, doesn't mind being in the limelight and doesn't care if she is embarrassed, „The only thing that happens is that someone thinks I am a stupid b*tch. I'm in music and entertainment, it's not about life. I'm going down the path of authenticity.“

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