Where the Wind Blows – Experiencing faith differently than the Catholic Church expects

5. 7. 2023
6 min
  • English

“…You hear its sound, but you do not know where it comes from or where it is going,” Jesus tells Nicodemus (The Gospel According to St John, 3:8). This subtly pervasive film by Marco Righi presents a provocative and exceptionally mesmeric interpretation of a key passage in the New Testament. In a small village somewhere in the Apennines, taciturn Antimo divides his time between the local church, his tedious work on the farm and his chaste meetings with his girlfriend. His pivotal encounter with the wild loner Lazzaro awakens in the devout young man the desire to reach the very core of a faith far removed from the regular Sunday sermons delivered by a representative of the Church – a powerful institution for which freethinking and devotion to God represent incompatible ideas.

2023, 108 min

Section: Crystal Globe Competition
Director: Marco Righi
Screenplay: Marco Righi
Dir. of Photography: David Becheri
Music: Luca Giovanardi
Sound: Andrea Morselli
Editor: Roberto Rabitti, Marco Righi

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