Michèle Jacob: The Lost Children

4. 7. 2023
2 min
  • Czech

Ten-year-old Audrey and her three siblings find themselves abandoned in an old house, where they were meant to be spending their summer holidays with their dad, but he disappears suddenly during the night. Initially, the kids wait in vain for him to come back, but they soon realise they’ll have to take care of themselves, which nonetheless won’t be easy. The forest surrounding the secluded house doesn’t seem to want to let the little castaways through, and bizarre things start to happen, especially after dark. Mysterious monsters afraid of the light, tunnels where time is simply lost – the youngsters have to face all this in a fantastical drama which unites the terror and distress of children and adults alike, sensations that, alas, can’t be relieved merely by shining a torch on them.

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