Anna Kořínek about the film Midwives

4. 7. 2023
2 min
  • English

What does the daily life of a midwife look like? Friends Sofia and Louise have their first encounter with a profession sometimes called the most beautiful job in the world. But besides witnessing the miracle of birth, midwives must also often deal with the difficulties associated with the immense responsibility of their profession, an unrelenting and hectic hospital environment, and sometimes also death – which often tests their emotional limits. An incisive and highly empathetic look (on the personal as well as political levels) at the lives of those whose important social role is often undermined by a dysfunctional healthcare system.

2023, 100 min

Section: Horizons
Director: Léa Fehner
Screenplay: Catherine Paillé, Léa Fehner
Dir. of Photography: Jacques Girault
Music: José Fehner
Sound: Emmanuelle Villard
Editor: Julien Chigot

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