Guras – a touching search for a four-legged friend in a magical land

4. 7. 2023
5 min
  • English

Life in Darjeeling in northern India passes by uneventfully. Every now and then, the quiet days are enlivened by a village ritual or an unexpected drama, as when nine-year-old Guras’s beloved dog Tinkle goes missing. Perhaps he was merely taken by someone from the neighboring village, and not eaten by the leopard prowling the area. The young girl’s family, however, has other things to worry about: the cardamon harvest is not going as planned, and they are struggling for their mere existence. Guras is left on her own to look for her four-legged companion, but in this magical land of tea plantations, good advice awaits in surprising places… A mystical odyssey of painful loss that shows the different ways of mourning of children and adults.

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