Red Rooms – The Dangerous Attraction of Evil

4. 7. 2023
10 min
  • English

The day Kelly-Anne has been waiting for has arrived. The trial begins for Ludovic Chevalier, accused of the brutal murder of three underage girls. Unlike most people, Kelly-Anne is fascinated by the man, she becomes obsessed with him and attends every single court hearing in the hope he’ll give her at least a fleeting glance. The border between reality and fantasy starts to blur, however, until Kelly-Anne ceases to be a mere passive observer. Pascal Plante once again expresses an interest in female subjectivity, nevertheless, this time he has come up with an arthouse thriller about the perilous attraction of evil. At the same time, the interplay between what we can and can’t see, and what is explicit and what is conjecture, develops into an almost physical viewing experience.

2023, 118 min

Section: Crystal Globe Competition
Director: Pascal Plante
Screenplay: Pascal Plante
Dir. of Photography: Vincent Biron
Music: Dominique Plante
Sound: Martyne Morin, Olivier Calvert, Stéphane Bergeron
Editor: Jonah Malak

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