Say God Bye – Original video diary of a trip to see director Godard

4. 7. 2023
6 min
  • English

“JLG is like a sun, as soon as you get too close to it, you burn. If you ignore it, you miss the light​.” Respected Swiss director Thomas Imbach on the “God of Cinema” who, as both man and filmmaker, has kept him spellbound his whole life. Chancing upon images of the ailing grand master, he was inspired to set off on foot on a pilgrimage from Lakes Zurich to Geneva to pay tribute to Godard and to attempt to persuade the latter to film with him.

2023, 124 min

Section: Proxima Competition
Director: Thomas Imbach
Screenplay: Thomas Imbach
Dir. of Photography: Thomas Imbach
Music: Lukas Langenegger
Sound: Peter Bräker, David Charap
Editor: Thomas Imbach

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