Empty Nets – A visual experience with great acting performances

1. 7. 2023
4 min
  • English

Amir and Narges, two people in love, who might be described as having been born under an unlucky star. The young man is from a poor family background and, after he is laid off from his job as a waiter, he is forced to find work in a fishing community. Narges has a higher social status and comes from a “good family”. For the time being, they are keeping their relationship a secret. In order for them to marry, Amir has to earn enough money for a dowry. To add to his problems, he discovers that the fishery employing him is also involved in dishonest business practices…

Germany / Iran
2023, 101 min

Section: Crystal Globe Competition
Director: Behrooz Karamizade
Screenplay: Behrooz Karamizade
Dir. of Photography: Ashkan Ashkani
Music: John Gürtler, Jan Misere
Sound: Sebastian Tesch
Editor: Anne Jünemann

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