Girls Are Alright – Spanish comfort and bearable ease of being

1. 7. 2023
4 min
  • English

It’s summer and a group of young women head off for a week to a house in the country in order to rehearse a play. In the peace and quiet of their natural surroundings, which provide a refuge from the intense heat of the sun, the women go through the text and dress up in their ruched period costumes, while in easy conversation they share their secrets, and also have little adventures. Enchanting debut by Itsaso Arana.

2023, 85 min

Section: Crystal Globe Competition

Director: Itsaso Arana
Screenplay: Itsaso Arana
Dir. of Photography: Sara Gallego
Music: Keith Jarrett, Niño Josele
Sound: Carla Silván, Pablo Rivas Leyva
Editor: Marta Velasco

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