54th KVIFF – Patricia Clarkson

5. 6. 2023
52 min

American actress Patricia Clarkson has come for the final days of the 54th KVIFF and had a packed program in store for her on Friday. First she met with journalists at a press conference, then with festivalgoers at a KVIFF Talk, and she introduced a special screening of the movie Learning to Drive.

At the KVIFF Talk, moderator Scott Feinberg started with childhood. “I was always a very sensitive child, and I guess acting gave me space for my passions and feelings and helped me stay sane,” the New Orleans native recollected. The interview then moved on to the main points of Patricia Clarkson’s whole rich career and ended with the mini-series Sharp Objects, for which the actress won a Golden Globe. “There I played one of the most difficult characters of my whole career. You have to love your characters. As soon as you start judging them, you’ll never fulfil their potential. Although I think that at that time even my dog was afraid of me.”

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