Šárka Gmiterková about the actor Oldřich Nový

6. 7. 2022
42 min

Oldřich Nový, the late star of the Czech cinema of the 20th century, still remains a fan favourite known to many generations. Taking the book launch of ON – Kristián in dungarees, a new monography dedicated to Nový by film journalist and academic Šárka Gmiterková, KVIFF programmed a screening of Nový's film Where an Alibi Is Not Everything. Gmiterková's com­prehensive book sheds a brand new light on this inter-war icon. Based on several years of research of previously untreated archive material, it deals with Nový's career across its many decades, from the legendary interwar lover until post-war communist films. The book asks questions disregarded by the previous publications about Nový – how did he manage to work across the many different cultural industries and periods? Why did the communist regime need “Kristián in dungarees” and how actively did Nový himself promote this political agenda? In this KVIFF Talk, Šárka Gmiterková and moderator Saša Michaidilis tackled all these questions.

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