The story of a mother and her two adult children, one of whom has autism and needs care, while the other has suffered from attention deficit disorder all her life. Starring Veronika Žilková, Štěpán Kozub and Kamila Janovičová.

Czechia 2022
  • English
  • hearing impaired
120 min.

After breaking up with her boyfriend, Tereza returns home to her mother and brother, a ten-year-old boy captured in an adult body, without realizing that this decision will change her life forever. Unlike her, the household she returned to did not change at all. Mom still lives only for her son, and brother takes precedence over her in everything. Tereza has an intense feeling that her mother must care more about herself… and also about her. And so she decides to take a step after which none of them will be as they was.

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Director: David Laňka, Martin Müller
Based on: Fabio Marra
Screenplay: David Laňka, Martin Müller
Cinematography: Václav Tlapák
Music: Sven Mikkelsen
Sound: Tomáš Oramus, Anna Jesenská
Editing: Lenka Gmitrová
Producer: Kateřina Dušková, Jiří Dušek, David Laňka, Martin Müller
Costumes: Barbora Černá, Petr Weinfurter
Cast: Veronika Žilková, Štěpán Kozub, Kamila Janovičová, Marek Němec, Václav Kopta, Martina Babišová, Kristýna Podzimková