Titian. The Empire of Color

A journey through the masterpieces and the life of the Maestro who embodied the spirit of Venice with his unmistakable style, unique use of color, and the ability to capture the personalities of the subjects in his works.

Tiziano. L'impero del colore
Italy 2022
  • Czech
89 min.
  • This film is available until 6. 12. 2027 in these territories: Czechia, Slovakia.

Early 1500s, in a city covered with gold, standing admired over a ‘hidden forest’, a boy descends from the Dogado’s mountains. He will be eventually remembered as ‘the most excellent amongst painters’. Extraordinary master of colour and brilliant entrepreneur of himself, innovative both in a painting’s com­position and in how to sell it, in a few years Tiziano Vecellio becomes the official painter of the Serenissima, utmost artist sought after by the richest and most influential Courts in Europe. From Ferrara to Urbino, from Mantua to Rome, up to the Spain of Carlos V and his son Felipe II, Titian crosses his century illuminating it with his works of art, inspiring artists of the following times. Perfect interpreter of religion and of mythology, portrayer of immediate expressive strength, he dominates his time outshining his contemporaries, always abiding by his motto: ‘Art is more powerful than Nature’.

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Director: Giulio Boato, Laura Chiossone
Screenplay: Donato Dallavalle, Marco Panichella, Lucia Toso
Cinematography: Giovanni Andreotta
Music: Giovanni Schievano
Sound: Davide Hare
Editing: Davide Vizzini, Elia Risato
Producer: Massimo Belluzzo, Marco Caberlotto, Luca Pinzi, Lucio Scarpa
Cast: Jessica Piccolo Valerani, Giovanni Tomassetti, Jeff Koons
  • This film is available until 6. 12. 2027 in these territories: Czechia, Slovakia.