National Street

In 1989 Vandam was used to be called a national hero. Today, he is almost unknown, a loser like many others. His fight for the woman he loves is a fight for his dignity, and it will be his downfall.

Národní třída
Czechia, Germany 2019
91 min.
  • This film is available in the following territories: Czechia, Slovakia.

This used to be a deep dark forest, now it’s a housing estate of prefabricated apartment buildings. The home of the protagonist, a manual worker painting roofs, whom everyone just calls Vandam. He lives alone in a housing estate apartment in the suburbs of Prague, working out every day to stay in shape. The evenings are spent drinking beer with his chums at the local pub, the North Star. Vandam’s chums from the North Star dub him their “national hero”. According to a local legend, Vandam took part in the demonstration on the National Street in Prague on 17 November, 1989, where – according to the legend – he set history into motion by dealing the first blow.

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Director: Štěpán Altrichter
Based on: Jaroslav Rudiš
Screenplay: Jaroslav Rudiš, Štěpán Altrichter
Cinematography: Cristian Pirjol
Music: Reentko Dirks, Clemens Christian Poetzsch
Sound: Florian Marquardt, Ivan Horák, Sebastian Schmidt
Editing: Jan Daňhel
Production Design: Jan Pjena Novotný
Producer: Pavel Strnad, Petr Oukropec
Costumes: Ivan Stekla
Cast: Hynek Čermák, Kateřina Janečková, Jan Cina, Václav Neužil ml., Jiří Langmajer, Jiří Šoch, Bára Vozková, Leoš Juráček, Martin Sobotka
  • This film is available in the following territories: Czechia, Slovakia.