K2 My Way

A story of an invincible will, desire, and resolve, a story of the first Czech woman climber to reach the summit of K2.

K2 vlastní cestou
Czechia 2020
  • Czech
  • English
100 min.

Klára’s expedition involves not only an unusual athletic performance and success but is also the story of her invincible will, desire, and the effort to achieve her desired goal. What drives this woman, wife, and mother of two children to undertake such a deadly challenge? What are the limits to her rights to achieve her personal dream? Can women be as selfish as men in terms of achieving their private goals? The answers to these questions are portrayed in the film and from the perspective of the unique path to the summit of K2. For two years, the main protagonist and the director shared a period of difficult preparations, doubts, farewells, crisis, and a previous unsuccessful attempt. Jana Počtová and her cameraman capture the atmosphere and events of the expedition to the base camp, breathtaking shots of the mountains, and Klára’s authentic images of the final climb itself.

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