Shani, a sixteen-year-old background dancer at an erotic dance theater in Lahore, is in love with an older transgender woman, Alina. As Alina prepares to audition for the spot of the new headline dancer, Shani struggles to find the right moment to confess his feelings. The film follows this unlikely couple and explores questions of gender, sexuality, and identity.

Pakistan, United States 2019
  • English
  • Czech
16 min.
Director: Saim Sadiq
Screenplay: Saim Sadiq, Rodney Llaverias
Cinematography: Mo Azmi
Editing: Saim Sadiq
Producer: Mahak Jiwani, Nadia Afgan
Co-production: Fahad Nabi, Jasmin Tenucci
Cast: Alina Khan, Abdullah Malik, Mehar Bano, Nadia Afgan