Three Times

Three films connected by theme, idea, personality, genre or just the taste of the Karlovy Vary Film Festival programmers. Three Times is a dynamic collection that grows every week with a new trio of films and as an enduring inspiration it is worth visiting regularly.

3× with kids

Celebrate Children's Day by watching movies with them that you also enjoy. Hopefully, we'll get you in the mood with a trio of family favourites.

3× we´re on it

One year ago at this time, we were eagerly and enthusiastically preparing the launch of KVIFF.TV. Just like the heroes of these three films who set out to make their dreams come true.

3× Cannes winners

The main prize at Cannes is the Palme d'Or, awarded for the best film. While you wait to see who wins the award this year, check out three films that have won this prestigious award in previous years.

3× Mother's Day

Being a mother is not always easy, three perspectives on mums, maternal love and maternal worries, directed by Pedro Almodóvar, Alice Winocour and Sean Baker.

3× the leading man

Films whose fame is tied to the exceptional performances of the male leads; Michael Fassbender, Mads Mikkelsen and Michal Kern in the roles of a lifetime.

3× Michaela Pavlátová

A selection of the work of artist, animator, and director, one of the most significant figures of contemporary Czech cinema.

3× when stars are born

Films that have transformed previously unheralded faces into iconic stars. See what films launched the careers of Emily Watson, Pavel Liška and Florence Pugh.

3× with Ari Aster

A new film from one of today's most acclaimed directors is now heading to the cinemas. Let's take a look back at his feature debut and two of the films he counts among his inspirations.

3× Easter

The transformation of a reformed sinner, a Christ-like, guileless young man in the Italian countryside, and a spiritual search for the circumstances of God's touch.

3× April Fool´s Day

Enjoy April Fool's Day with a bunch of intellectuals provoking by playing idiots, God texting everyone the date of their death, and a trio of bricklayers setting fire to a tablecloth in a fancy restaurant while playing high society.

3× in the world of sport

A portrait of the Golden Boy Diego Maradona, a sports drama about toxic relationships and the story of old rivals behind the wheel of an F1 car, welcome to the world of sport.