Look Who's Back

What if Hitler hadn't committed suicide in 1945, but just fell asleep? And what if he had woken up in 2011?

Er ist wieder da
Germany 2015
  • Czech
110 min.

Adolf Hitler wakes up on a patch of wasteland in Berlin. Having failed to find his bunker, he takes up temporary residence in a newspaper kiosk. There he is discovered by some TV producers, who take him to be a Hitler impersonator of rare method-acting genius. Soon he becomes the star of their satirical programme. His rants against foreigners and the welfare state are both consumed as comedy and secretly admired by a German public fed up with modern politics.

Directed by: David Wnendt
Based on: Timur Vermes
Screenplay: David Wnendt, Mizzi Meyer
Camera: Hanno Lentz
Music: Enis Rotthoff
Editing: Andreas Wodraschke
Design: Jenny Roesler
Production: Lars Dittrich, Christoph Müller
Actors: Oliver Masucci, Fabian Busch, Gerdy Zint, Lars Rudolph, Franziska Wulf, Christoph Maria Herbst, Thomas Thieme, Katja Riemann