Hardly Working

Hardly Working sheds a limelight on the characters that normally remain in the background of video games: NPCs, the non-player characters that populate the digital world as extras to create the appearance of normality. A laundress, a stable boy, a street sweeper, and a carpenter are observed with ethnographic precision. They are Sisyphus machines whose working routines and patterns of activity, but also their bugs and malfunctions, are a vivid analogy for work under capitalism.

Hardly Working
Austria 2022
  • English
  • Czech
21 min.
Director: Total Refusal
Screenplay: Total Refusal
Cinematography: Total Refusal
Music: Adrian Haim
Sound: Bernhard Zorzi
Editing: Total Refusal
Production Design: Total Refusal
Producer: Total Refusal
Cast: Jacob Banigan