Carp Xmass

Once upon a time in a small village in a far-away land, carps were preparing for Christmas Eve – peaceful and happy, as required by tradition. But Christmas ceased to meet these values long ago. Instead, it has become the pinnacle of year-round consumption, and some may lose their lives in order to honor these sacred days.

Carp Xmass
Czechia 2022
  • English
7 min.
Screenplay: Anna Heribanová
Cinematography: Martin Šafus, Tomáš Kotas
Music: Dead Pigeon, Olaf Olafsonn, Kilián Kešner, Michal Skořepa
Sound: Martin Khun
Editing: Anna Heribanová, Martin Šafus
Production Design: Anna Heribanová
Producer: Tomáš Šimon
Cast: Žaneta Vargová, Jan Vokrouhlecký, Martina Šťastná, Lukáš Bech, Štefan Capko, Ondřej Zindulka